Sunday, September 9, 2012

Review: The Ghost Finds A Body

Review: The Ghost Finds A Body
from Reviewing The Evidence
You have to love a book that starts with a description of how romantic it would be for the couple on the moonlit beach, if only the woman wasn't dead. The Ghost Finds A Body is like that throughout -- facetious, funny, and full of reversals.

It's the little details that make The Ghost Finds A Body so delightful. Bradford's love/hate relationship with Ricca, the hotel owner's granddaughter. ("I wanted to throttle the adorable child.") Camo the pet chameleon's dismay when the walls are painted a color he can't change into. Ricca's computer games, full of cigar-chomping, anthropomorphic velociraptors. ("One of those damned velociraptors came shyly out . . . clapped on a straw hat and twirled a cane, and broke into a tap routine to the tune of Way Down Upon the Swanee River. He was pretty good.") The true identity of the reclusive author Rosemary Thyme. The snippets of Bradford's latest bodice-ripper, which head up each chapter.

The Ghost Finds A Body is a charmer of a cozy -- delightfully oddball characters, a solid puzzle, and sparkling prose. This book was the most pleasurable pleasure reading I've done in a long time.

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