Sunday, July 29, 2012

Atlanta Bones

Brad Strickland announced via Twitter that you can now read the new “Florida thriller” novel, Atlanta Bones, available now for your Kindle.
Atlanta Bones is a hard-edged Florida thriller relieved by humor and spiced with exotic locations. In the best-selling tradition of John D. MacDonald, Carl Hiassen, and Randy Wayne White, it rips through a plot involving a rich man who is presumed dead, his not-so-grieving widow, and a reluctant, tough adventurer.

A missing husband. A widow grieving--for lost cash. A reluctant adventurer pulled into the puzzle. Twists and turns and violent, ugly death. Atlanta Bones is a Florida thriller with hard-edged action, exotic locales, colorful characters, and a twist of wit, served very dry. Jim Dallas is an independent investigator in the mode of Travis McGee, and Atlanta Bones has a flavor reminiscent of John D. MacDonald, Carl Hiassen, and Randy Wayne White.

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