Monday, May 4, 2009

Memoriam: Tom Deitz

Author Tom Deitz died April 27 from from heart complications.  He was 57.

His best known work was Windmaster’s Bane (1986), a fantasy novel that chronicled the adventures of a young Georgia man named David Sullivan. Deitz went on to have 18 more novels published, many featuring the Sullivan protagonist, as well as the Soulsmith Trilogy, comprising of the books Soulsmith, Dreambuilder, and Wordwright.

An assistant professor of English at Gainesville State College, in 2007 Deitz was the recipient of the Phoenix Award, given to one who has done much in the name of Southern Fandom.

The Gainesville Times discusses his memorial service held at GSC on Sunday, May 3:
It was not your typical memorial service, but probably one that Deitz would have wanted.

Brad Strickland, a longtime friend, colleague and fellow fantasy writer, put on a blue flowery shirt that he said he wore a couple years ago at a faculty picnic. "Tom came up to me and said, ‘Professor Strickland, that is a cool shirt. Only you’re not cool enough to wear it,’" Strickland said, drawing laughter from the crowd.

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