Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Jacket Whys: Swirls and Light

There are blogs for everything out there – including book cover artwork.  Here's an interesting commentary about the "ever-growing trend toward the exclusive use of photoshopped images on kids’ book covers." The author cites four examples, including Brad Strickland's Grimoire: Tracked by Terror (2007):
...the inner-lit red book against a green background is the focus, so are we drawn to the boy’s face by the circle of blue-green light that just happens to surround his head like a halo.

Will we see the end of illustrated book covers for children? How much cheaper is it, in the end, to use stock photography? And are these kinds of covers only effective with younger kids?
This reminded us of a newsgroup posting from a few years ago discussing the decline of artwork in children's books. The article cited John Bellairs' novels from the 1970s as examples.

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