Sunday, February 5, 2006

Curse of the Midions

Amazon has revealed the cover art and a book description of Brad Strickland’s Grimoire: Curse of the Midions, due out later this year.
The trip to London was supposed to be for a simple reading of the will of some distant relative. Instead, things have gone terribly wrong. Jarvey Midion’s parents are nowhere to be found, and he is suddenly in the middle of a mystery -- a mystery involving the Grimoire, a magical book that has the power to transport people through time. When Jarvey gets too close to the ominous tome, he is instantly transported to Lunnon, a city that is not quite of the past, but definitely not of the present day.There Jarvey must team up with the Free Folk, a ragtag gang of orphan kids who run wild on the streets. One of them wants to help him use the Grimoire to get back to his own time. But can he trust her?

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